Paris-Madrid round trip in one day to get a hair replacement

This is what this client did, he came from Paris to our esthetic center in Madrid so we can give him a solution for his alopecia problem. He had previously known us through the Internet, he liked our systems and our hairstyles so, without hesitation, he took a flight to come to meet us. We put him the hair replacement, did the cut he asked for and the hairstyle the liked and this is the result.


Easy, fast and comfortable. He took a flight and, in the same day, he went back to Paris very happy with his new look.


As you can see in the photos, we placed him a system from the front to the crown with a medium raised toupée which gave him a much younger look.


Start enjoying summer again without worries with Hair Solution

Summer is coming, the sun, the beach, the swimming pool, travels with friends… and yet you haven’t decided what to do with your alopecia? Hair Solution gets you ready for summer.

Finish off with worrying all day, spending hours in front of the mirror making up impossible hairstyles to conceal, being afraid of water, sweating and all those little things that obsess you in your daily routine. Just relax and change your look in an easy way.

Verano 1

Our hair replacements are undetectable both sight and touch. With it you can do normal life, get into the water, practice sports, etc. They are an inmediate and natural solution with amazing esthetic results. No one will ever know you’re wearing anything, not even you, since our systems are very light and comfortable, allowing the skin to perspire.

Besides, you can use your spare time to take the step and change your look without the pressure of the extreme change from one day to another. Come to visit us and we will give you the best solution. Recover your hair and your self esteem without giving up anything this summer.

New Hair Solution natural hair adhesive extensions

Extensiones pelo

Hair Solution has a new line of 100% natural hair adhesive extensions. Its application is very simple, clean, fast and comfortable.

If you want more volume or a longer lenght, this is the easiest and inmediate way to get it.

This type of extensions are the easiest to place, sinde there is no need to use any machine or tool. Besides, they can be reused several times only changing the adhesive. Removal is as easy as placement.

Ultrathin and undetectable, they come in packages of 20 hair strips with a lenght of 55cm and a width of 4cm and you can choose from 30 different tones. All our extensions are Remy hair which is the highest quality. We respect the natural direction of the cuticle of each hair so it stays unidirectional, avoiding tangles and getting a long lasting duration.

As it is natural hairm it can be curled, straighten, heat-straighten, tinted, apply products, etc.

Try them! You can come to our esthetic center in Madrid and we will place and comb them or, if you prefer, you can purchase it online.

Before and after of a client with a hair replacement

Frente prótesis capilar

Today we show you photos from the before and after of a 24 year old guy who is being our client for quite a while ago. Previously, he used our Hair Solution natural hair fibers till his alopecia increased and he decided it was about time to get a hair replacement and this is the result.

As you can see, we placed him a swiss lace hair replacement from the front to the crown and we copied the hairstyle he weared when he had hair, with a frontal toupée and a side

Hair Solution goes on Easter holidays

Semana Santa

Next April 17, 18, 19 and 20 Hair Solution closes for holidays, so we won’t give customer service and our esthetic center in Madrid will remain closed to the public. All the orders made through our web site these days will be shipped on Monday 21 April, day when the customer service will be restart.

We use this ocassion to wish you happy Easter holidays, see you on the way back!

Success of the Undetectable Hair Replacements Hair Solution Intensive Course

Last Monday March 31 took place the first edition of the Undetectable Hair Replacements Hair Solution Intensive Course with success of attendance. During this day, several professionals from hairdressing and esthetic world had the chance to discover firsthand all the secrets of the new generation hair replacements from our professionals.

Come from Badajoz, Mondragón, Sevilla, Valladolid or even Amsterdam, our students experienced a day on our esthetic center of Madrid. Due to limited places, students could enjoy personalized attention and a practical and real learning.

The day was divided into 3 parts: theory, practical theory with a real model and practice. This way, our students learned about the different types of hair replacements on the market, how to make a mold and adapt a prosthesis according to the features and needs of the client, plus they could get familiar with the accessories and learn how to make the perfect maintenance.

After the good reception of this first edition, Hair Solution is already thinking about organizing a second date for all professionals interested in the world of new generation hairpieces. If this is your case, you can get information writing to

Cuban designer Osmany Laffita gets a Hair Solution hair replacement

antes y después Osmany Laffita

Hair Solution has had the priviledge of providing its service to Cuban designer Osmany Laffita and his manager, Guy Gheysens, both well-known figures in the Czech Republic, their current place of residence.

Prótesis capilar Osmany Laffita

It’s not the first time that the designer comes to Hair Solution but, this time, also his manager was encouraged to get one of our hair pieces.

Guy Gheysens Osmany Laffita

Guy Gheysens Osmany Laffita

As you see, both choose very daring hairstyles that our stylist Javier Mota captured perfectly. Two great examples of modern and contemporary hairstyles with hair replacements, one brown and another blond, which we hope you like.

Con Javi

Micro hair transplant and hair replacement: a client’s experience

Today we leave you the testimony of another customer who has felt encouraged to share with us his story so that we can make it public. In fact, this customer told us when he came that he had felt very identified with the testimony of another client in the same situation that we had previously published in this blog.

“My name is David, I had a micro hair operation three years ago. I did it in a clinic in Barcelona, ​​where they offered me guarantees of results. I should be an exception, because it is true that I got hair, but the results are not what I expected because I have a great lack of density. Nine months after I went through a second operation, with equally disappointing results.

This is why I became interested in hair replacements and I could definitely solve my problem. I got in touch with Hair Solution online and they answered very kindly all the questions I had. I traveled to Madrid, next day they studied my case and placed me the hairpiece. Now I’m quite happy because I do a completely normal life. At first the placement and adaptation were difficult. I used it only to go out, but now I got used to sleep with it, because it’s quite comfortable.

Reading more experiences I see that I’m not the only one scammed by hair transplant clinics, that’s why I encourage everyone to not hesitate to use a hair replacement.”

New Hair Solution monofilament hair replacements

Hair Solution just incorporated to its capillar solutions catalogue a new monofilament hair replacement’s line for the most demanding clients.

Prótesis capilar caja

It is a lace that gives very natural results, both sight and touch, but besides it offers a longer duration and a easier placement than swiss or french lace systems.

Trasera y frontal

Monofilament hair replacements allow to wear the first frontal line up, knots are invisible and have a medium density, all these features are ideal for clients who want a daring hairstyle, a long duration and a minimum maintenance.

Frontal prótesis

As other lace systems, the scalp is visible and breathes, offering more natural results and bigger comfort.

Prótesis capilar

Hair Solution has these systems in stock, so there’s no need to wait and its placement can be done inmediately.