Hair replacement + water: overcome your fears

Holidays often include beach and pool moments, which increase the fears of some hair replacement users. Today we are going to help you to overcome your fear of the water and enjoy your hair without worries.

First of all, forget the idea that you’re going to go out of the water and see your hair system floating in the middle of the pool or that a wave is coming and take it off. This does not happen. Hair systems are attached with very strong adhesives that make these situations impossible .

Playa prótesis capilar

If you are still worried, test it. Go to a deserted beach or a private pool or get up early to get an unattended place and jump into the water. Do a cannonball, go for the gold or do a triple somersault, try everything and see how your system reacts and how far you can get.

Adhesives are formulated to be waterproof but you must plan it well. First, it’s important to note that you should not wet the system up to 12 hours after placing the adhesives. Secondly, from the 5th day since last maintenance, it is better not to be risky, because adhesives are not at its full capacity.

Piscina prótesis capilar

If you want to be super sure that the system is perfectly attached, pull the hair gently (watch out! do not rip it off!) to check it. We recommend placing tapes at front level, as these are more water resistant than the liquid glue. Those we like the most for this kind of situations because of their resistance are Supertape.

Another product that works wonders in these situations is Scalp Protector which is specially formulated for sports and swimming, as well as for hot and humid climates.

With all this you’re ready to show you swimming style anywhere!

Pics: A daring hairstyle with a hair system is possible too

Today we are going to share with you the pictures of one of our latest clients. He wanted a very daring hairstyle and our hairdresser Javier Mota achieved it. We made him an undercut with a very accentuate layered and a quiff with more volume on the middle. We leave you pictures with indoors and outdoors light so you can appreciate all the details: colour, density, finished, etc.

What is the knot sealer used for?

If you’ve ever wondered this, today we give you the answer about the use and benefits of this product which is ideal for those users who want to keep their hair systems in top conditions for a while longer.

Sellador de nudos

Knot sealer is a liquid spray very easy to use, just spray inside the system once it’s clean and let it dry for a few minutes before placing. This way, it acts sealing and protecting the knots, that is, the place where each hair is tied at the base of the hair prosthesis. Sealer covers each knot so that it remains tight and does not tend to loosen. It also reinforces the base against brokes.

Nudo prótesis capilar

What do you get with this? Reinforce this bond between the hair and the base material the way it reduces the hair loss and therefore it extends the useful life of the system.

New shampoos recommended for hair systems

We were looking for the perfect shampoo for hair systems for a while and finally we have found it: Revlonissimo 45 days. Shampoo and conditioner 2in1 perfect to use in hair systems and natural hair extensions.

Champús prótesis capilar Revlon

What are the benefits for users of hair replacements? To begin with, it’s sulfate-free, elements present in most conventional shampoos that dry the scalp and hair and make it lose luster. Specially formulated according to the hair tone, it cares and maintain the color for 45 days after application.

They are perfect for summer, as they provide light and intensity. No more losing color of your hair prosthesis by the sun and water effect.

Photos: italian client shows his hairstyle

This guy came last week from Italy to get one of our hair systems. He has told us he’s delighted with the result and he couldn’t wait to make these beautiful pictures he has sent us.

Peinado prótesis capilar

Peinado recuperar pelo

Hairstyle made by our stylist Javier Mota is amazing and pictures are great. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Meet the lead of our next video

In Hair Solution we are already editing the next video of the before and after of another customer who has trusted us to recover his hair. To get you started, today we introduce you the lead of the video.


It was the first time he tried this type of solution and he ended up very happy with his new look. In fact he recorded a testimony that you will listen in the video. When he came to our center he was suffering from hair loss in the front and top area and when we finished he left his alopecia behind.


Wanna see the changing process? In short premiered video!

Hair extensions care tips for summer

In Hair Solution we are getting ready for summer. After launching our natural hair extensions promotions, now we give you a few tips that will help you keep them in perfect conditions during holidays.

1. The best thing you can do if you go to the beach or pool, it’s updo your hair. This prevents tangling.
2. It’s advisable to use a heat protector for hair or, if you want to maximize precautions, wear a hat.
3. If you go into the sea or pool, as soon as you go out, take a shower to take salt or chlorine away.
4. To detangle your hair it’s better if you use brushes instead of combs. Gently brush them several times a day always starting from the middle of the hair to the ends.
5. Do not wash your hair with hot water, it is ideal to use warm or cold water.
6. Whether summer or winter, we always recommend using a moisturizing mask to avoid tangles and leave hair soft and manageable.
7. To avoid damaging your hair, either your own or the extensions, it is better to avoid the blowdryer and the heat-straighten as much as possible. Take advantage of good weather to dry your hair in the air.

If you don’t have yours, you can take a look at our adhesive extensions here.

False eyebrows and eyelashes for universal areata alopecia

Today we are going to talk about this kind of alopecia which affects men and women around the world everyday and we are going to explain how to put false eyelashes and eyebrows in these cases.

Universal alopecia is a variant of alopecia areata that causes total loss of hair on the entire body, not just in the head. Its aesthetic solution is simple: just like a hair prosthesis is placed on the head, eyebrows and eyelashes can be put. Its application is very easy and quick. Here we explain step by step so that you can do it at home:

1. It’s important that the area where you will place it was clean. For eyebrows, Scalp Protector can be used to prepare the skin and so the adhesive sticks better.

2. Apply a thin layer of adhesive and allow to stand for 3 minutes until it is transparent. We recommend using water-based glue as Hair Solution ORWG or Ghost Bond, which are more gentle.

3. Eyebrow or eyelash Place the start and press gently. You can help a stick and / or forceps.

April. Let stand for about 5 minutes before comb or make them up.
Hoy nos centramos en este tipo de alopecia que afecta cada día a hombres y mujeres de todo el mundo y os vamos a explicar cómo colocar cejas y pestañas postizas en estos casos.

La alopecia universal es una variante de la alopecia areata que causa la pérdida total del cabello en todo el cuerpo, no solo en la cabeza. Su solución estética es muy sencilla: al igual que se pone una prótesis capilar en la cabeza, se pueden poner cejas y pestañas. Su aplicación es muy fácil y rápida. Os lo explicamos paso a paso para que podáis hacerlo en casa:

1. Es importante que la zona donde se va a colocar, esté limpia. En el caso de las cejas, puedes utilizar Scalp Protector para preparar la piel y que el adhesivo pegue mejor.

2. Aplica una fina capa de adhesivo y deja reposar durante 3 minutos hasta que se quede transparente. Recomendamos utilizar pegamento de base acuosa como el Hair Solution ORWG o el Ghost Bond, que son más suaves.

3. Coloca la ceja o pestaña por el comienzo y presiona suavemente. Puedes ayudarte de un palillo y/o de unas pinzas.

4. Deja reposar durante unos 5 minutos antes de peinarlas o maquillarlas.

5. Si vas a mojarte, deja 3 horas entre la colocación y el baño.

Os dejamos un par de videos para que veáis el proceso de colocación y sus estupendos resultados.

Solvent for hair systems: how to use

When and how should I use solvent in my hair system? Do I have to wash it after use? Which brand do I choose? These and many other questions may arise for hair replacement’s users when using solvent during maintenance.

Our recommendation is always use Lace Release to remove the hairpiece in each maintenance, do not use solvent. Lace Release makes easier to remove the adhesive and prevents breaks of the lace and hair loss. Solvent must be used only to remove rebellious adhesive traces or in case the hair replacement has been attached for too long and glue has gone into the hair. If you abuse of the solvent, you will see that the hair tends to be dry, so it should be used sparingly.

Its use is very simple, just spray some solvent in the adhesive and it acts instantly. You can remove the adhesive residue with a wet wipe and then rinse the hairpiece. If you are going to use shampoo, better a neutral one without sulfates.

In our online store you can find 4 different solvent brands: C-22, Walker, Rapid Release and Ghost Buster, all specifically selected after being tested by our team. They can be found in different formats, from 118ml to 3.8 l.

Californian highlights: 10 celebrities with the best ones

They became a fashion trend two summers ago and still remain. Next we make a selection of the 10 celebrities who wear the most beautiful and well care californian highlights.

Lea Michele

1. Lea Michele. We love not only her highlights but also the shine and volume of her hair.

Blanca Suárez

2. Blanca Suárez. She is the spanish actress of the moment so she follows all the fashions trends.

Camila Alves

3. Camila Alves. Matthew McConaughey’s beautiful wife wears a mind-blowing mane of hair, whether wavy or straight.

Drew Barrymore

4. Drew Barrymore. E.T. child reinvents herself and opts for californian highlights mixing several colours.

Jessica Biel

5. Jessica Biel. With a more sutble gradient than Drew, she gets light in her hairstyle.

Keira Knightley

6. Keira Knightley. English actress also joins this trend and gets a very beautiful efect with a short mane.

Lauren Conrad

7. Lauren Conrad. She wears a gradient finished in platinum blonde ends.

Leighton Meester

8. Leighton Meester. Gossip Girl actress always wears a very care and natural hair.

Nina Dobrev

9. Nina Dobrev. She has one of the most envy hairs between celebrities and of course she wears californian highlights regularly.

Sara Carbonero

10. Sara Carbonero. Journalist has become in a fashion reference for many spanish women, she’s been hairdressing image thanks to her great hair.

If you also want to wear californian highlights but you don’t want to tint your hair, we recommend you to try adhesive hair extensions to get a gradient effect in different colours. You can take a look here.