The Undercut; The now look

Even if you are wearing a prosthesis, you should never ignore the latest look and cuts; you can always afford to play around and get the look that you want.  Our stylists are attentive and are always available to advise you on current trends and cuts and can cut your hair taking into account your tastes and personal style.

undercut-mens-hairstyle-pinterestIt is one of the major cuts that almost all celebrities are getting now.

undercut famosos

Here’s the before and after of one of the last “undercut”  styles one of our clients received. We hope you enjoy it and we encourage you to take the step to make you a new look.




Wigs? Toupees? What are those?

Wigs? Toupees? What are those?

We are specialists in the latest generation of hair prostheses

What is so great about the latest generation of hair prostheses? How do they compare to older systems?

The difference between wigs or hairpieces and our hair prostheses is that they are completely undetectable. The latest generation of hair systems are made of a very thin base and when they come in contact with the skin, they disappear. We work with average densities which allow for the scalp to show so that the end result is very natural.

There is a lot of speculation about which celebrities wear prostheses. There are many celebrities both men and women who wear prostheses but it is not our intention to disclose this information. It is always a very personal decision and we always respect clients on whether they want to disclose this information or not.

One Hollywood star who has confessed his secret without any problem is John Travolta; who has a normal life with and without a prosthesis.

John Travolta prótesis capilar

So does John Travolta look better with our without his prosthesis? As the saying goes “Nothing is set in stone as to how one chooses their style,” but it is clear that he looks better with it and often uses it mainly for occasions identified as awards or special events.

The truth is that if Travolta came to HairSolution, we would recommend a less loaded density, even with some gray hair since this would be much more natural considering his age and natural hair tone. And finally, we would make a more modern cut for as more flattering look. The result would be miraculous as he would never want to remove the prosthesis and always start the day with it.

From Classic to Fashionable: The Most Daring Styles.

We have no limits at Hair Solution! You tell us what style you want and we will cut your hair.

Today we present one of our more bold clients with a “bed head” look. Only for the extremely brave of heart.

If you want to surprise or be surprised, ask for our advice or tell us what you want. Our stylists are experts in evaluating your case and always reccomend the best look to suit your taste and style.


As we wrote in a previous post: goodbye insecurities and complexes, HELLO HAIRSOLUTION!!

We want to thank our clients who send us photos to post on our blog. You have such security and self-confidence in yourself and your generosity has helped many of our readers to take the plunge and come to our office for a consulatation.

We read and save all of our testimonials from clients and we have heard this one sentance MANY times:

“I Wear a hair prosthesis, I have improved my image and my self esteem. What happens now? What if it’s a bad thing?”

People who undergo risky cosmetic operations and truely horrific surgeries in order to improve their image do not always get the boost in self esteem and image as our clients do from Hair Prostheses. Many women undergo breast augmentations and it is now quite normal in our society. Why cant this be the case with hair prostheses? With greater advances in the technology and materials used in prostheses, they are becoming more and more indetectable and even now are 100% with us.

HairSolution helps you to enhance your image with a new look and it is 100% effective. It is also 0% invasive.

What are you waiting for?

We are waiting for you!


Permanent solution for hair, Yes or No?

Permanent solution for hair, Yes or No?

If you are reading this article, chances are it is because your hair is falling out and youre really worried, or perhaps it has already fallen out and you are looking for the best solution possible.

I will tell you my story…

I, Javier Ross, was in the same situation or probably very similar to yours. My hair started falling out when I was 18, but the truth is I was not too worried, because I thought, “I do not mind if my hair falls out, there will probably be something invented next year that is effective and then my hair will be back!”

We all think this at some point and we are still waiting for the solution. Why do we have such thoughts? Most likely because man has invented imaginable and unimaginable technology, medicine, transportation; with being able to reach such advances, how can something as simple as growing back hair be so difficult?

solucion de cabello definitiva

This is my theory and my reflection which I have shared and discussed with many industry experts (surgeons, physicians, companies, scientists,) who all seem to share the same logic.

Sorry to say this but you will not get the miracle cure now or any time in the near future. I have waited for the final product and seen generation after generation of products pass by without any real definitive results. In the XXI century there will not be a definitive miracle product, but why?

Because we live in a consumer society, we buy items that we dont need. Advertising feeds the idea that consuming will make us happier and we need to consume to satisfy “unnecessary” needs. We live in a sea of consumption that nourishes the interests of powerful multinationals and goverments.

If you ignore coming up with a solution, the market stays broken, and then it doesnt really matter. To combat alopecia, there are numerous companies who turn over billions of euros a year, selling us: drugs, anti-fallout shampoos, lotions, treatments, surgeries, etc.

Finally, here are some questions for you:

Finasteride is worth €50 and will not do anything, except possibly hurting you hormonally; hurting your libido, weak erections, sagging skin, etc.

If this drug suddenly appeared and solved all of your hair loss problems, how much would it cost?

mundo consumista2

From my point of view, €500 per month would not be enough. It would only be available to very few people.

We have customers coming in who have done capillary grafts and have spend between €10k to €30k. They are victims of real shoddy jobs, destruction, and atrocities.

If we end up cloning follicles or another solution would the results be 100% reliable?

How much do they cost? ¿50,000, 100,000, 500,000 euros …?

One tip I would give you based off of the lament of all of our customers and their previous experiences is: if youre going to make a graft, ask the surgeon if in the contract there is a clause for compensation if the result is negative: Tenderness in the scalp, change in skin colour, porous implants, scars, low density on donor site.

If the doctor says yes, DO IT! and then let me know … because I will be the next to go.

Article by Javier Ross

As 2015 Begins o Do Our Numerous Goals and Objectives

propósitos 2015

2015 goals

At the beginning of the year, we always make goals and objectives to follow: dont smoke, stop eating too many sweets, go to the gym, learn another language! This year we also have many.

Apart from the normal goals, we have a very clear objective: to improve and grow by offering a higher quality in both our services and our facilities.

In saying this, we want to announce that we have moved to a new office. A huge space on the top floor of a building in Madrid, still very close to our current office. There is a ton of natural light as well. There are two private cabins that allow us to better care for you; improved privacy, discretion, and confidentiality.

mudanza hairsolution

Also we would like to announce a new service called Premium Service at Home for those who want complete privacy and confidentiality. We will expand our working hours to be more flexible and to adapt to your needs so times and waiting lists are shorter. We are also now available in four languages! Spanish, English, German, and French!

servicio premium hairsolution

To celebrate our opening, we are very happy to invite customers, old and new, to an opening party where you will have the opportunity to meet other clients and guests and to share stories, experiences, tips, etc. We will have a better idea of a date and time for our party very soon! We hope you all will come.

Until very shortly.

“All Glory Comes From Daring to Begin.”

New year, new life: Goodbye to your complex and insecurities, Hello Hairsolution!

In 2015 we want to encourage you to take the plunge, it’s time for a change! If things in your life are not happening as you want, if you don’t feel entirely comfortable with yourself or you’re insecure and your image is a burden that prevents you to break out and succeed….

It is time to take the plunge and leave the fears aside. No regrets or buts because in the end it is going to pay off. Take some time for self reflection, this will make you more aware of your skills and what you must change to improve your quality of life, your emotional environment (family and friends), labour and health.

The testimony of our customers confirms that the makeover has allowed them to gain self-confidence. It hasnt just enhanced their image but also their professional and personal skills. The importance of aesthetics, beauty, and elegance are so widely present in our culture that we bust be ready to conquer and succeed.

In order to please others, you first have to love yourself; everything and brave. Your insecurities when it comes to flirting, job interviews, meetings, going to the beach or the pool…..say hello to a new, more handsome, safer, and less concerned you.


                                                            “All Glory Comes From Daring to Begin.”

Eugene Fitch Ware

Article by Javier Ross

haz tu vida

Happy Holidays!

Hello again everyone,

With this being the last post of the year, we want to thank all of our customers for the trust you have placed in us.

We are very proud of all of you and we hope that on these special days you are extra confident, handsome, and happy. As is the case with our well-known Italian client, Francesco who sent us this photo after his last visit.

Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas and we will see you in 2015 to make you more handsome!