What density do I choose in my hair replacement according to my needs?

Density is one of the things that worry the most to new users of hair systems. If we want to get a natural look, it is very important to get the correct density. To do this, we must analyse the density of our own hair and find a similar system.

If your hair loss is very advanced, you’ve completely lost the hair on the top and on the sides are small bare spots, then choose a low density.

If your sides still have much hair and it is in the upper area where you have significant thinning hair, then choose a medium density. High densities are not usually recommended except in special cases, since they do not provide a natural look.

Swiss and French laces are the finest and therefore also the most fragile, admitting low and medium densities ranging from 50% to 100%, this is the average density of a teenage male without alopecia and thus the most recommended.

Microskin (also named poly or skin) and fine welded mono are thicker and stronger bases, admitting medium and high densities ranging from 100% to 130% which is very heavy.

Men’s haircuts trends Fall 2014

Although it is still summer, the world of fashion goes one step ahead and has started to show us trends for next fall. If you are thinking of replacing your prosthesis or get the first one for the next months, we leave some ideas for inspiration when choosing your hairstyle.

This fall hairstyles with volume on top will be the key, leaving the sides shorter. Crew cuts, quiffs and side lines are the main trends we’ll see this fall and winter.

We revolutionize the world of hair replacements!

En Hair Solution nos gusta marcarnos metas y alcanzarlas, traspasar barreras, arriesgar y romper mitos. Hemos dejado atrás las falsas creencias y los miedos injustificados y nos hemos lanzado a hacer peinados atrevidos que se salen de lo marcado hasta ahora para los usuarios de prótesis capilares. Se acabó peinarse de manera conservadora “para que no se note nada”.

Peinado con raya marcada

Peinado atrevido prótesis capilar

Por eso llevamos meses mostrando en este blog peinados rompedores y vamos a seguir haciéndolo, vamos a continuar innovando cada día y arriesgando cada vez más en favor de las preferencias y necesidades de nuestros clientes. En esta ocasión os dejamos fotos del acabado final de este cliente al que hemos hecho una raya lateral muy ancha y marcada. De la raya para abajo, el cliente ha conservado su pelo natural, del otro lado de la raya empieza la prótesis.

We dare again with another risky hairstyle

After showing you last week one of the most daring hairstyles we had done so far, we repeat this week and we take the risk again with another client. It’s a similar style but with more volume in the middle and combed back. An undercut on the sides, this time with a more accentuate layered.


As you can see, we dare with eveything. Just tell us your idea and we will make it happen. It’s not true that, because you wear a hair system, you have to limit your hairstyle. Possibilities are endless.

Hair replacement + water: overcome your fears

Holidays often include beach and pool moments, which increase the fears of some hair replacement users. Today we are going to help you to overcome your fear of the water and enjoy your hair without worries.

First of all, forget the idea that you’re going to go out of the water and see your hair system floating in the middle of the pool or that a wave is coming and take it off. This does not happen. Hair systems are attached with very strong adhesives that make these situations impossible .

Playa prótesis capilar

If you are still worried, test it. Go to a deserted beach or a private pool or get up early to get an unattended place and jump into the water. Do a cannonball, go for the gold or do a triple somersault, try everything and see how your system reacts and how far you can get.

Adhesives are formulated to be waterproof but you must plan it well. First, it’s important to note that you should not wet the system up to 12 hours after placing the adhesives. Secondly, from the 5th day since last maintenance, it is better not to be risky, because adhesives are not at its full capacity.

Piscina prótesis capilar

If you want to be super sure that the system is perfectly attached, pull the hair gently (watch out! do not rip it off!) to check it. We recommend placing tapes at front level, as these are more water resistant than the liquid glue. Those we like the most for this kind of situations because of their resistance are Supertape.

Another product that works wonders in these situations is Scalp Protector which is specially formulated for sports and swimming, as well as for hot and humid climates.

With all this you’re ready to show you swimming style anywhere!